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This New High-Tech Accountability System is now available – Joe doesn’t let you get behind! If you’ve ever struggled to complete a course you KNOW can change your life, you’re about to experience a new paradigm where we make sure you get through from beginning to end.

Awakened Millionaire Academy

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Groundbreaking Training Methodology – Experience a transformational educational experience super-charged to make your transformation as fun, engaging, and POWERFUL as possible.

Get Access to 15 Triggers that will empower you to start creating and attracting more money with more spiritual growth and with more meaning all at the same time.

Some FAQ’s on How it works…?

1. As soon as you join the academy, you will get access to the academy members portal.  The first module will unlock and you can jump right in.

2. To make sure you experience the full transformation, each module is unlocked one at a time.  After you finish a module, the next module will unlock the next day, giving you an opportunity to process and adopt everything you’re learning.

3. In addition, each module is accompanied by two mental reprogramming audios from world-famous hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones.  This takes the conscious transformation Dr. Vitale gives you and downloads it into your subconscious mind, giving you the ultimate full brain awakening

4. You’ll also get access to a private Facebook community where you can join other members experiencing the same transformation

5. BONUS: You get immediate access to a growing collection of video mentoring sessions from experts like Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley, Mary Morrissey, Randy Gage, Joe Sugarman, Vicki Howie, and more… revealing advanced techniques in entrepreneurial, spiritual, and personal success.

6. BONUS: You also get two live mastermind calls where Joe grills an Awakened Millionaire expert and gets them to reveal exactly how they built their own financial and spiritual success.

Check out more FAQ’s on this page.

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Awakened Millionaire Academy

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