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The Insider Advertising Report is 17 Chapters worth of Content that can help anyone who is using the internet for marketing and advertising achieve measurable results with more website visitors and email subscribers. The information is provided for free and it can be found inside the members area of LeadsLeap.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 01:  Not All Ads Are Equal

Chapter 02:  Why Advertising Doesn’t Work

Chapter 03:  Why No Sales

Chapter 04:  Where To Advertise

Chapter 05:  What To Advertise

Chapter 06:  Headline

Chapter 07:  Content (Part 1)

Chapter 08:  Content (Part 2)

Chapter 09:  Closing

Chapter 10:  How To Advertise An Affiliate Product

Chapter 11:  How To Advertise An Online MLM Program

Chapter 12:  How To Advertise A Product That Has No Immediate Needs

Chapter 13:  How To Advertise To The Same Group Of People

Chapter 14:  How To Advertise A Blog

Chapter 15:  How To Be Creative In Your Next Ad

Chapter 16:  How To Guarantee Success In Advertising (Bonus Chapter) 

Chapter 17:  How To Build An Online Business That Lasts (Bonus Chapter)

Regardless of a persons current experience with online advertising and marketing this free resource can provide and equip anyone with the right information, education, tools and resources to not only achieve measurable results, there is also an opportunity to earn an additional income stream through the affiliate partner opportunity.

Main Features & Benefits
The main features and benefits of LeadsLeap is that you can sign up for free and get access to the great tools and resources including the online version of The Insider Advertising Report by Kenneth Koh, Founder of LeadsLeap.

Some of the other main features and benefits that come with LeadsLeap are listed below.

  • Real Traffic To Your Website or Landing Pages
  • List Manager for email campaigns and auto-responder messages
  • Popup Creator
  • Landing Page Builder for Sales Pages, Thank You Pages, Review Pages & More
  • Link Tracker
  • Image Hosting
  • PDF Manager
  • Online Community & Network Advertising

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