How to Earn a Passive Income Online

Internet Technology has opened the doors to new possibilities and opportunities to earn an income, there a various different ways to utilize these to earn additional income streams, however not many opportunities provide a system for earning a passive income.

Passive: (meaning) an income that comes to you without having to do any extra work.

Utopian Global launched a new opportunity in November 2021 to make it really simple to earn a passive income with returns from 17% – 38.4% APY. The opportunity allows members to invest in real physical assets through the supply chain with income producing assets.

Essentially the new product launch with Cashets is more than just an opportunity to earn a passive income, the system was designed for profit sharing and has a built in mechanism for all members to increase their income and improve their financial returns over time.

Video Replay – Cashets Pre-Launch Opportunity

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New members can sign up for free and enjoy a passive income ROI – 17% APY and Premium level Affiliates can enjoy up to 38.4% APY with the added incentive to increase their income and returns over time with the low cost and low entry business opportunity.

Free Bonus Opportunity

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